HR Recruitment Agency Management System incorporating Website Content Management
A comprehensive system to record information about clients, vacancies and applicants which allow simplified candidate evaluation, processing and reporting. The system is tightly intergratedwith the origanisation's website which contains detailed applications forms for each vacancy and a method for applicants to upload their applications. As a result of electronically processing many of the steps in the recruitment process they have reduced costs considerably, have been able to reduce their charges and can claim to be the most up-to-date HR company in PNG with their seamless integration of their office information systems with their website.

Real Estate Agency Management System incorporating Website Content Management
A Sales and Lease Properties Management System which includes a simple website content management system. This allows the Agency to maintain an up to date website with full details, multiple photos (which are automatically sized appropriately for the WWW) and downloadable PDF brochures for all of their properties - all updated by a couple of button clicks inside the Management System.

PNG Electoral Roll and Election Management System
Developed using MS SQL Server, Visual Basic and MS Access, systems to manage the PNG Common Roll, election candidate nominations including production of Ballot papers and the compilation, dissemination and analysis of elections results (including automated update of the PNGEC website with election results). Developed for the PNG Electoral Commission under the AusAid funded Electoral Support Program.

Provincial Financial Management Training Database
An MS Access based application to manage course and trainee information for the AusAid funded Provincial Financial Management Project within the PNG Department of Finance.

Superannuation Scheme Administration
System to manage multiple industry/employer Superannuation Funds for a major multinational Funds Management company.

Loans Administration System
System to manage the personal loans business of a Finance Company specialising in personal loans.

Factory Production/Inventory Control System
System to manage the manufacture process for a major paint/coatings manufacturer including inventory control, batch formula production, costing of finished products, materials forecasting and purchase order production and tracking

Commodity Production and Export Monitoring
System to record and monitor all coffee production and export from PNG including tracking of Coffee Export Levy payments and Quality Testing of all shipments.

Oil Palm Project Management System
Integrated system for management of a major aid funded smallholder oil palm expansion project including base information concerning several thousand smallholders, GIS information including an interfacing to MapInfo, and maintenance of historical records concerning production, production expenses and income for each block.

Plant Hire Control and Accounting
System for monitoring/controlling the use of all plant and equipment used by a major construction company on contracts throughout PNG and for outside plant hire including invoicing/accounting by projects/sites.

Workshop Job Control/Inventory Control
Automated Job Card, stock control and invoicing system for heavy plant and machinery repair workshop plus fuel/oil/lubricant issue and billing system. For a stevedoring company

Research Institution Trial Records Database
System to record and collate and interpret results of various large-scale agricultural trials for a major agricultural industry funded research institute.