Our Portfolio:
  • HR Recruitment Agency Management System
    HR Recruitment Agency Management System incorporating Website Content Management

    A comprehensive system to record information about clients, vacancies and applicants which allow simplified candidate evaluation, processing and reporting. The system is tightly intergrated with the origanisation's website which contains detailed applications forms for each vacancy and a method for applicants to upload their applications.

    As a result of electronically processing many of the steps in the recruitment process they have reduced costs considerably, have been able to reduce their charges and can claim to be the most up-to-date HR company in PNG with their seamless integration of their office information systems with their website.

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    incorporating Website Content Management
  • Real Estate Agency Management System
    Real Estate Agency Management System incorporating Website Content Management

    A Sales and Lease Properties Management System which includes a simple website content management system. This allows the Agency to maintain an up to date website with full details, multiple photos (which are automatically sized appropriately for the WWW) and downloadable PDF brochures for all of their properties - all updated by a couple of button clicks inside the Management System.

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    incorporating Website Content Management
  • PNG Electoral Roll and Election Management System
  • Finance Company Loans Management System
  • Provincial Financial Management Training Database
  • Superannuation Scheme Administration
  • Factory Production/Inventory Control System
  • Commodity Production and Export Monitoring
  • Oil Palm Project Management System
  • Plant Hire Control and Accounting
  • Workshop Job Control/Inventory Control
  • Research Institution Trial Records Database

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We will:

  • Conduct operational analyses of your organisation and provide recommendations for appropriate Information Systems to meet your needs.

  • Design and develop customised information systems to meet your specific management, operational and legislative needs.

  • Integrate and utilise data from existing financial accounting etc systems for enhanced operational management and reporting.

  • Provide specifically targeted on-the-job training to your employees in the supplied Information Systems.


We provide advice on and assistance with:

  • IT infrastructure - network and server configuration and security.

  • Selection and procurement of appropriate hardware and off-the-shelf software.

  • Email systems - specialising in installation and maintenance of Mercury Mail Server.


We can produce websites which incorporate:

  • Great Visual Design.
  • User friendly navigation and search.
  • Easy to use Content Management systems.
  • Integration with your in-house Information Systems.

To provide clients with appropriate information systems which meet their needs for timely, accurate and comprehensive management information while providing simple, user friendly data entry and retrieval processes.

Main Development Environments

  • MS Access - generally recognised as an outstanding Rapid Application Development (RAD) product, meaning that custom applications can be quickly developed, debugged, and deployed.

    At Lexacorp, custom applications can be developed even more rapidly through the use of our libraries of pre-programmed functions and templates. These libraries, developed and refined over a period of years, ensure that our clients not only receive great value but that their applications are delivered quickly with a minimum of bugs. In other words -- fast, accurate professional solutions at an economical price.

  • MS SQL Server - an excellent Database Management solution for systems involving large amounts of data and/or a high number of concurrent users

  • PB/Win - a programming tool which produces very small, fast, stand-alone executables. All of the programs on our software download page are built using it.

  • MySQL/PHP/Javascript - our preferred environment for web development

Lexacorp offers fast and reliable high performance web hosting services through

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